Analysis: I think Criadores Sterilized Hairball


Do you know the new Criadores sterilized cat food? We will tell you everything about him!

Criadores Esterilizado Hairball is a new food that joins the line of own brand feed from TANNIMAL, with a improved recipe to take care of the health of your feline. Because sterilized cats have specific nutritional needs and require a different caloric intake than they had before. But this I think is not only limited to avoid weight gain of your cat after neutering, its formula goes much further: controls hairballs and takes care of the urinary system.

A complete and balanced food ideal for adult cats. Made with high quality natural ingredients and with a 54% meat to satisfy the carnivorous nature of your feline. He fresh chicken is the main ingredient of the recipe, providing proteins of high biological value and giving the croquettes a excellent taste.

Key benefits of Criadores Sterilized Hairball feed

  • Helps maintain ideal weight
  • Prevents the formation of hairballs
  • Reduces the appearance of urinary stones

The formula that takes care of the health of your feline

The feed provides these benefits thanks to a special selection of ingredients like L-carnitine, malt, and methionine.

  1. A reduced level of fat combined with the L-carnitine Get your cat to maintain its body condition and not gain weight after sterilization. And most importantly, without starving. L-Carnitine helps transform fat into energy so that it does not accumulate in the body.
  2. Surely you already knew the importance of malt in the diet of cats; an essential for your intestinal transit. The Criadores Sterilized Hairball croquettes combine the malt extract with psyllium and prebiotics to promote a good intestinal transit, control the accumulation of hair in the stomach and facilitate its expulsion naturally. This helps prevent clogs and improves your feline’s well-being.
  3. Finally, the formula is enriched with methionine and sodium bisulfate, two components that help acidify urine to help reduce the formation of urinary stones and help them dissolve.

Take a look at the entire range of Criadores feed and wet food and offer the best to your feline with recipes adapted to every need. Also know our dietary line, with diets designed to support digestive, kidney, urinary problems and being overweight. Also available in cans.

Veterinary Technical Assistant specialized in canine ethology. TANNIMAL has allowed me for years to work on what I am most passionate about: the animal world. I combine my work collaborating as a volunteer in shelters, sanctuaries, reserves and any related event or activity. I have done various seminars and courses related to canine education, birds, primatology and a long etcetera. I enjoy learning every day from these incredible colleagues with whom we are fortunate to live.


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