Analysis: Malt for breeder cats


Do you know the malt for Criadores cats? A complementary food that cannot be missing in your feline’s diet, especially if it is long-haired.

Cats spend much of the day grooming themselves, which is why they are always so clean and do not need to bathe as dogs do. Surely you have often seen how your cat licks its entire body and you may have even witnessed how it has once coughed and then vomited.

When cats are grooming they swallow part of the dead hair and, if they do it excessively, this hair can gather in the stomach forming balls that cause intestinal problems. This ends up causing vomiting but can also lead to dangerous intestinal obstructions that put your health at risk.

Malt is the ally of cats against hairballs. It is a paste composed of vegetable oils and fats with a color and texture similar to honey but denser.

Benefits of malt for breeder cats

  • Prevents digestive problems
  • Helps to eliminate hairballs
  • Facilitates and improves intestinal transit
  • Has laxative properties
  • Works for both treatment and prevention
  • Avoid obstructions.

Criadores offers you two malts: Original and Omega. Both are suitable for dogs and cats and serve the same function: prevent and treat hairballs. However, Omega malt provides extra benefits since it is enriched with omega 3 and omega 6; the fatty acids strengthen the immune system and improve the condition of the skin and hair, making the coat look brighter.

How to prevent hairballs?

In addition to malt for cats, there are a number of recommendations that can help control hairballs and they are very simple.

  1. Daily brushing. Removing loose hair with a cat comb is one of the best ways to prevent your cat from swallowing hair. Also, your house will be cleaner!
  2. Specific anti hairball food. Currently there are special feeds that already have malt incorporated into their formula to treat and prevent this problem so common in cats. In Tíanimal you will find several options such as Optima Nova, Royal Canin or Breed Up.
  3. Catnip. The herb has a high fiber content that helps the intestinal transit and therefore the elimination of hairballs naturally. It is very beneficial for the digestive system and cats love it.

On our website you can find the best malt for cats. They are very easy to administer and most cats like them so you just have to offer it to them and let them suck.

Veterinary Technical Assistant specialized in canine ethology. TANNIMAL has allowed me for years to work on what I am most passionate about: the animal world. I combine my work collaborating as a volunteer in shelters, sanctuaries, reserves and any related event or activity. I have done various seminars and courses related to canine education, birds, primatology and a long etcetera. I enjoy learning every day from these incredible colleagues with whom we are fortunate to live.


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