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The Andalusian hound is one of the most famous dogs in the south of our country, as well as well known for its good temperament in the field. This brave furry man has also managed to make a place for himself as a pet in many homes around the world. Do you want to know him better? We tell you everything about him.

Denomination: Andalusian hound.
Origin: Spain
Size: Small, medium and large varieties.
Life expectancy: 12-15 years
Weight: Large size: 25-27 kg
Medium size: 15-22 kg
Small size: 8-10 kg
Hair Type: Hard / short hair
Character: Balanced, bold, with an instinct for hunting.
Cap: Red, white or both mixed.
Cross height: Large size: 54-64 cm (M); 53-61 cm (H).
Medium size: 43-53 cm (M); 42-52 cm (H).
Small size: 35-42 cm (M); 32-41cm (H).
General ranking: Small, medium and large varieties.
AKC classification: Not classified yet.
Classification according to the FCI: Not qualified.

Origin of the Andalusian hound

First of all you should know that the Andalusian Hound, like the rest of its family, descends from the ancient Egyptian dogs. This animal came to the Iberian Peninsula with the Phoenicians about 3000 years ago. Despite having such a remote origin, until 1992 the breed was not included in the Royal Canine Society of Spain.

It is very easy to confuse it with other types of dog. such as the Iberian or Spanish hound, but in the development of the breeds each one has followed different paths that have made them differentiate between them. Make no mistake!

Character of the Andalusian hound

What behavior does this dog have?

As it is an animal that has always been used for hunting, it has a strong instinct to perform this function and the field is its life. The Andalusian hound is always alert and very intelligent. He establishes a very close relationship with his master, to whom he will be faithful all his life, and will also protect him whenever the opportunity arises. Similarly, he loves being with his family and hates spending time alone. Don’t forget to include it in all your plans!

At first, it can be a little shy or distrustful of people who are not from its usual circle, but it does not tend to be aggressive. Also, a point very in his favor is his mental balance and the good adaptation he has. Put an Andalusian hound in your life!

Keeping your best friend full of positive energy

How to give the best care to the Andalusian hound?

It is suitable for living in any type of home, but keep in mind that you will need to go out at least three times a day. In this way, when it comes to the walk, he will love that you allow him time to be loose. So the best advice we can give you is to take it to a park or field and leave it free in an area where you can control it. Generally, it is not usually disoriented and will always return to your side.

As in most furry animals, you will need a daily dose of exercise to maintain optimal health and maintain your ideal weight. You will be able to avoid obesity problems if you are constant. In addition, it is an animal that will demand good walks and will feel happy in the open field or in the mountains.

Being a very intelligent dog, he learns really fast and it will be easy to teach him a few basic commands. He will also train without much effort, the Andalusian hound is a very obedient student! As for socialization, as in almost all other furry animals, it is preferable to do it since your podenco is a puppy. This is the best way to get a specimen with an enviable behavior once it reaches adulthood.

The hygiene routine

It will only be necessary to brush it once or twice a week, this way you will remove dead hair and keep its coat with a beautiful shine. Contrary to what you may think, the hygiene routine is quite simple and a few cares will suffice.

Finally, regarding the bath, you must space it at least 30-35 days and use a suitable shampoo that preserves the well-being of your skin.

What are the most typical health problems?

The truth is that the Andalusian Hound is a dog that enjoys very good health and is usually a strong and resistant animal by nature. However, in those used for hunting some more frequent pathologies can occur, such as elbow or knee dislocations. Also, do not forget about the dreaded parasites and to properly protect your best friend throughout the year. We remind you of the importance of deworming, both internal (every three months) and external.

Andalusian hound diet

As a result of being a very active dog, it will need you to provide it with a good quality food to help it develop well bones, muscles and nervous system. It is recommended that you use a puppy food until it reaches 12-14 months of life. From that moment, and very gradually, you have to make the transition to an adult meal and choose the most appropriate product based on your physiological and health needs. And don’t forget to always have a drinking fountain with clean and fresh water at your disposal.

No to animal abandonment

At least 50,000 hunting dogs are abandoned each year in our country. In fact, in the southern area the most affected are the hound and the greyhound, animals that, unfortunately, are treated by many heartless as objects to be used and thrown away. From Tíanimal we want to insist once again on the importance of a good education in society and the responsible ownership of these living beings. Even so, we are sure that one day animal abuse and neglect will be ended. Don’t buy, adopt a friend!

What are the best toys for the Andalusian hound?

Your new partner will really enjoy moving toys and will go crazy carrying, fetching, running and jumping. Can you keep up with him?

Since it has always been an animal with an instinct for hunting, there is nothing better than search games in which to stimulate your mind and exercise your body.

Now that you know this breed better, do you dare to share your life with it? We remind you that in our online store Trendenimal there are endless products for your new partner to be among cottons. If you want to read more about dogs, such as the Great Dane, here we tell you.


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