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The Argentine Dogo is a relatively new breed that descends from the now-defunct Cordovan dog. Despite being very affectionate and loving his family, his character as a fighter has made him create an undeserved reputation as an aggressive dog, but nothing beyond that, because everyone who shares his life with one of these specimens ends up completely conquered . Do you want to know him better? We will tell you everything!

Denomination: Dogue argentin / Argentinische Dogge
Origin: Argentina
Size: Very big
Life expectancy: 10-12 years
Weight: 40-50 kg (M)
40-50 kg (H)
Hair Type: Uniform, smooth, short
Character: Brave, dominant, active
Cap: White, sometimes a black spot in the eye
Cross height: 62-67 cm (M)
60-65 cm (H)
General ranking: Very large dog breeds
AKC classification: Group 8: Miscellaneous
Classification according to the FCI: Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzers, Molossians, and Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs. Section 2: Molossian.

Origin of the Argentine Dogo

At the time of the colonization of the American continent, dogs such as bulldogs and bull terriers, Spanish bulldogs and Alans arrived in Argentina. The Argentine Dogo, comes from the old Cordovan dog (extinct today), is the result of crosses between all the above.

Unfortunately, in those days dog fighting was considered a traditional sport in Argentina, mainly in the Córdoba area. Moreover, their celebration was tolerated there even when they were already prohibited and it was then that various characters began to become prominent breeders of this type of dog. Once the fighting subsided, these dogs almost completely disappeared, but they were allowed to continue as watchdogs and hunting.

The Nores family

In the creation of the Argentine Dogo breed there was a family from Córdoba, very fond of dog fighting, who insisted on keeping their dogs even after this activity was abolished by law. In fact they had a great desire for breeding and selection that ended up focusing on finding a unique animal that stood out for its resistance. In addition, they began to be interested in furry animals that were perfectly suitable to help in hunting big game and to guard the houses. In this way, crosses were carried out with boxers, dogos de Bordeaux, bulldogs and other breeds that resulted in the great Argentine dogo.

Character of the Argentine Dogo

What behavior does this dog have?

This breed has many virtues. However, it appears in many lists of dogs as one of the most dangerous, and its possession is even prohibited in some countries. The Argentine Dogo is really a very faithful animal that loves to be with its family. In addition, in homes with children it will enjoy like the most and will be a companion in their games. If there is something that makes this dog special, it is the love and protection that he is always willing to give to his loved ones. Although he loves children, in any pet of this size you have to be cautious and be aware whenever you are spending time with them to avoid any accident.

In case you did not know, we will tell you that the Argentine Dogo is one of the best guard dogs in the world, in addition to having a great memory and an intelligence that more than one would like for himself. Therefore, it is a relatively easy animal to train, but you must be firm and constant in your intentions.

Educate your best friend

You must bear in mind that the Dogo Argentino is not a suitable dog for all types of owners, since it needs to be trained with a firm hand and with great security, in such a way that its virtues are enhanced and it is avoided that a character develops. wanted. Its owner should comply with these three points:

  • Know the canine behavior.
  • Have experience in dogs and their handling.
  • Good leadership skills.

As in the rest of the furry that, in the past, lived in a group, you need to be clear about your position within your pack. Or what is the same, his family. That way your best friend will be happier and more mentally stable. So it will be the task of all the members of the house to give him his place and let him know that he cannot pass certain limits, because although he does not usually present intentions to climb steps in the hierarchy, if he detects weaknesses, he could show some signs of rebellion.

The socialization of the puppy

The best way to enjoy an adult dog that is kind and tolerant of others is to subject it to an early socialization from when it is a puppy. Only in this way will you get it to be stable and react correctly to future stressful situations:

  • Try to get your Dogo Argentino puppy to get used to the presence of other dogs to avoid confrontations as an adult.
  • Get your dog used to visits, as he is usually suspicious because of his protective instinct.

Keeping your Dogo Argentino healthy and energetic

You can adapt to living in a city, but your ideal environment is one where you can have access to open spaces to run and discharge all your energy. Your dog will really enjoy being in the field or outdoors. In addition, it is an animal that needs to exercise daily. It is also recommended that you train your mind, and nothing better for this than intelligence games, in which you will be amazed by showing off your skills.

How to care for the white hair of this type of dog?

If there is something that we love about the Argentine Dogo it is its hair, that intense white that it has and that so much effort is put into keeping it perfect. Well, for this you will have to use specific products that help enhance its natural beauty. As for brushing, it will be enough to do it once or twice a week. As for aesthetic maintenance, you will see that it is really simple. Get handsome!

What is the best diet that can be offered?

As it is a dog that in adulthood will reach a considerable size, and taking into account that it must be ensured a good muscular and skeletal development, we recommend that you always choose an adequate feed at each stage of its life. Likewise, you should monitor their specific needs, such as after castration, a time when there is usually a tendency to gain a few extra kilos. On the other hand, remember to keep obesity in mind and all the problems that can arise from it, so that you avoid your faithful companion becoming overweight.

Is there a typical Argentine dogo disease?

The truth is that the breed has a slightly higher longevity than other dogs of its size. It usually lives for 10-12 years. Relative to the typical diseases that you may suffer, all would be related to your white coat and your body structure:

  • Predisposition to congenital deafness.
  • Skin problems
  • Stomach twisting.
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia.

This great dog will come into your life to stay and we are sure that you will be very happy together. In addition, if you want to find everything you need so that your new friend does not miss anything, in our online store Trendenimal we have a lot of products. If you want to know more about the breeds, such as the Border Collie, here we tell you.


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