Can the dog swim with the antiparasitic collar on?


A lingering doubt when a dog uses antiparasitic necklace is whether or not you can bathe with the collar on. This is variable, as not all are water resistant. You must take several things into account before putting your dog to swim with a flea collar.

  • Although the antiparasitic necklace is waterproof, its effectiveness will be reduced if it is in the water for a long time.
  • The necklace releases toxic substances, by immersing it in water for a long time it can contaminate it.
  • In the pool, chlorine combined with antiparasitic necklace it can cause negative effects such as intoxication.
  • If your dog is going to swim in the same place with people, the substances in the collar could cause allergic reactions in humans.

Although the antiparasitic collar for dogs It is waterproof, ideally you should remove it before swimming.

Reduction of the effect of the collar when being underwater for a long time

Antiparasitic necklace
Antiparasitic necklace

In the varieties of necklaces flea control for dogs there are the waterproof ones. These are resistant to not very long water baths, that is, when the dog gets wet while playing or goes out for his daily walk and it is raining. Otherwise the collar loses its antiparasitic effect.

You may wonder, why does water reduce the effect of antiparasitic collar? This happens because the collar releases its effects when there are secretions from the skin, therefore, when being under water for a long time, it will be lost quickly.

How to put on and take off an antiparasitic collar for dogs

If your dog is going to take a dip, it is advisable to remove the collar.

To put it:

  • You should adjust it leaving two fingers of space between the collar and the neck.
  • It is important for the animal to become familiar with it, let it smell it but not put it in its mouth.
  • The antiparasitic collars for dogs They are adjustable, if your dog is growing, please adjust it from time to time.
  • After putting it on, wash your hands.
Antiparasitic collar

To remove it:

  • You must reassure the dog, so that it does not hurt itself while the collar is removed.
  • It is important to remove the clasp carefully, taking care not to break the necklace.
  • After removing it, it must be placed in a safe place, out of the reach of children and dogs, to avoid intoxication.
  • After removing the collar and leaving it in a safe place, you must wash your hands well to avoid intoxication.
  • Once the dog has finished swimming, it must be dried and the collar replaced. This will prevent it from being unprotected for a long time.

If I remove the collar during the bath, how do I protect my dog?

Ideally, use additional antiparasitics to dog flea collar. A good ally can be a flea shampoo. It should be applied during the bath and will do a preventive function.

Wearing flea shampoo During bathing, it offers the advantage that it reinforces the protection of the collar. It also allows to eliminate any plague that has invaded it after removing the collar.

Does the water only reduce the effect on the necklaces?

Water cancels the effect of almost all external antiparasitics. This is because the action of these flea dogs it is activated when the dog sweats, for this reason its action decreases notably with water.

Antiparasitic necklace
Antiparasitic collars for dogs

With many other antiparasitics such as pipettes or repellants, it is recommended not to bathe the dog after applying them. For this, unlike others external antiparasitics, the collar is the most resistant to exposure to water.

The most important thing to achieve efficiency in a antiparasitic for dogs is to clearly read the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition to this, it is necessary to consult an expert to give the most effective use of the flea product selected.


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