Devon rex, how do you tire a very active cat?


We are facing a small pussycat, with large ears and almond-shaped eyes. It is a cat that needs a lot of daily activity. Discover the devon rex, how can you tire a very active cat who loves to play and jump?

This breed is perfectly adapted to life at home and has an exceptional relationship with other pets and with children, but it is necessary to play a lot with it. For this, it is essential to provide the appropriate accessories so that you can discharge all your energy.

Devon rex character, how can I tire such an active cat out there?

Devon rex are very affectionate and cuddly cats, so, although they are perfectly adapted to living indoors, it is not convenient to leave them alone for a long time.

These little ones need company, and it could be said that it is one of the breeds that is the most similar to a dog in terms of behavior: if you give it love and security, it will follow you unconditionally and show its total loyalty.

On the other hand, the devon rex is a highly active cat, so need to run, jump, and be active constantly. Although he will also enjoy if you allow him to lie down with you to spend time together on the sofa, especially if you caress him and let him cling to you. And it is that one of the things that he likes the most is the direct contact.

Another remarkable characteristic of this breed is that gets along great with the little ones in the house, since he is quite patient and tolerates games with children. They generally get along well with other pets as well, especially dogs.

Tips for caring for the devon rex

The best advice you can follow to make your Devon Rex happy is to spend your time with it. Find out what he likes, since each individual of this breed has their own preferences, and offer your company by sharing the activities with which you both enjoy the most.

The advantage of this species is that -like most cats-, and despite the fact that it does not like solitude, it is quite independent. For this reason, he knows how to entertain himself, and even more so if he has the right accessories for his needs.

Another benefit in terms of coexistence is that the devon rex is recommended for people allergic to cats, since it produces less amount of Fel D1 protein, the true cause of this problem (and not the animal’s hair, as tends to be to think)

The most suitable accessories and toys

As we have said, this little feline needs to move and stay active. In addition to playing together often, it is wise to provide the toys and accessories necessary to tire out a very active cat, such as the Devon Rex.

There are many items that are ideal for the Devon Rex, and that perfectly match their character, although you should choose the one that best suits your partner’s preferences.

Take good note of these ideas:

  • Scrapers: they can be small, large or medium, and their choice will depend mainly on the site you have and if you have one or more felines at home.
  • Stuffed animals for cats: They are another excellent choice for these kittens. Those with a hidden bag that includes catnip attract a lot of attention.
  • Interactive toysThese will help you train your intelligence and wits and will be ideal for tiring a very active cat – he will love them!

As we have seen, if what you like is spending time with your pet and sharing fun and endearing moments with it, this is your breed. The devon rex is a highly active cat, so he will be delighted if you play together often.

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