Feliscratch Scratch Corrector by Feliway


The behavior of cats is related to scratching: either because they are marking the territory, because they need to sharpen their nails or simply they have wanted to relax. It is also a way to stretch your muscles. So far fine but … what happens when your kitty decides to do it anywhere? Sofas, house furniture or even walls? What a chore, right? If you are a cat or a cat, you know it.

How to teach a cat to use the scratching post?

You have to prevent your cat from getting his nails out in unwanted places. And the solution is in the scratching post, although brands like Feliway – specialized in felines – are going much further when it comes to developing innovative products that help feline fans. How to train a cat? You have to teach him to use the scraper, there is no doubt. But you can also make him understand, from a young age, what would be the place where he is allowed to scratch.

This is where Feliscratch by Feliway comes into play: a liquid encapsulated in pipettes that is sprayed onto your cat’s scratching post to encourage scratching there. Feliscratch combine these two actions:

  • It attracts the feline to the scratching area, And it does so thanks to the fact that it is composed of “catnip” (or catnip), as well as the blue coloring, which simulates its own scratches.
  • Stimulates scratching, Since the liquid contained in the pipette includes the pheromone that your cat removes naturally by scratching; the same feline interdigital pheromone that prompts you to keep scratching at a specific spot.

Keep in mind, yes, a very important detail: you have to know why your adult cat scratches in some places and not the ones you taught him when he was little. It will be essential that you always consult with your veterinarian, in order to know exactly the cause of your pet’s behavior. Only then can you redirect their behavior properly.

How did you teach your cat to use the scratching post? Do you think this product will be useful to you? Tell us about your experience!

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