How do I teach my cat to use the scratching post?


For this reason, it is important to understand what is causing their behavior and how we can remedy it. Almost all cats have the urge to scratch materials, mainly fabrics or wood. It’s about an instinct that they cannot avoid because in addition to sharpening their nails, scratching is part of the process to mark the territory. This contributes to the mental and emotional health of your cat. When scratching, cats leave the smell of the glands that they have in their paws and that is why it is usual that, once they scratch an object, they return to the same place days later to reinforce their smell and their mark. In these cases, the most important thing is not to fight against your instinct, but teach them that there are appropriate places where they can unleash their need, such as the scraper.

How can you get your cat used to using a scratching post?

If it is the first scratching post that your cat has, it is important that we show him where we want him to sharpen his nails. We can put treats or toys around them and get the cat’s attention to climb onto the platform. Gently, you can take the cat’s paws and make the gesture of scratching on the mast, so that the toy is marked with the smell of the animal. Another resource would be to use catnip or catnipas most cats are attracted to their scent and will have a immediate interest in your new scraper, leaving their scent in it once they scratch it.
Most felines use cat scratchers on their own initiative but sometimes the cat does not quite adapt to the cat scratching post that we have at home, and it is probably because they simply do not know how to use it since they are not used to it.

Other tips for using the scraper

Here we have compiled some more tips that can help you teach your pet to use the cat scratcher:
1. Set an example for your cat: scratch several times a day on the cat scratcher so that it sounds good when you do it and it shows where you have done it. This will help you get your cat’s attention, you can even play with it until it ends up scratching the mast itself.

2. Find the perfect place for your scraper: locate your cat’s favorite spot to sharpen its nails or the furniture it loves to scratch and place the cat scratching post right there, this way the next time it scratches this place, its scent will be impregnated on the scratching post. Your pet will use the cat scratching post little by little more and more as it will recognize its scent on it. In the case of the sofa, you can also apply this advice by using something more specific such as sofa scrapers.
3. Reward him when he scratches the scratcherAnother very useful tip is to reward your cat friend when he scratches the cat scratcher, uses it to sharpen his nails or even plays with it. This positive reinforcement you must do immediately for the cat to associate with the use of the cat scratcher. As a reward, you can use treats, pampering, or anything else you know he likes.

Four. Help yourself with products like Catnip: For skeptical cats, our best advice is to apply a few drops of liquid Catnip to the cat scratcher. This product contains catnip essence that stimulates your senses and motivates them to play.

5. Put the scraper in a quiet place: this is our last tip and one of the most important. By scratching, your cat is also stretching his muscles and releasing stress for what is a routine activity and for which he needs peace and quiet.

If your cat still doesn’t pay much attention to it Despite these tips, the cat scratcher you have chosen may not be the right one for your pet. You must bear in mind that there are many types of scrapers for cats, depending on the size, quality, materials, and you can also find models suitable for various kittens.

Another good idea is make a homemade cat scratcher yourself, so you can make a scratching post for cats specific to the needs of your pet. It depends on the materials you use, you will have a cheaper or more expensive scraper. For example, you can do a cheap cat scratcher with cartons. To do this, you need 2 cardboard boxes that you don’t use; Cut one of them into strips of about 10 cm and stack the strips on the edge in the other box so that there is a lot of pressure between them.

With a string of pita you can also create scratchers for very funny home cats. It involves winding the rope around a surface, the harder it is, the better. We can design it in the way we prefer, it can be rectangular, cylindrical or even make a tower. The string should be as taut as possible and to help make it more resistant to your cat’s scratches you can apply glue between the structure and the string, trying not to soak the latter.

And what does your cat like the most?


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