How does the modern lifestyle affect our cats?


Cats like to be stable and feel in control of their environment. Living with us can work against this: our modern, social and often changing lifestyle seems insane to our cats!

How does the modern lifestyle affect our cats?

Common changes in our modern life can affect our cats, such as:

  • Bringing new people or animals into our home
  • Make changes at home, such as renovations or new furniture
  • Move to another house

There are even small changes that we don’t notice and can be stressful for cats, such as bringing home different scents on our clothes when we return from work, school, or other activities. Some cats can show clear signs of not being happy with the situation:

  • Marking with urine
  • Scratches in unwanted places
  • Hiding more
  • Tensions and conflicts between cats living together

However, for other cats, the signs may be less obvious, such as being less active, eating less, or licking too much.

How can we help our cat when changes have occurred?

If our cat has begun to show us his discomfort by marking, above all, we must recognize in it a way of communicating and not get angry or scold him.
We will create a new schedule to provide you with your food, games, pleasant interactions such as caresses, brushing …
We will let you know what is going to happen in each moment, so that your environment and our behavior are predictable and safe again.
And communicate with him using FELIWAY® Optimum, it will give you greater peace of mind in your environment in a language you can understand. Scratches, urine marking, fears, changes, conflicts between cats … FELIWAY® Optimum helps resolve all frequent signs of stress and calms cats better than ever.

Discover all the benefits of FELIWAY® Optimum and the science behind this exciting innovation here.


Pheromones are natural messages that animals use to communicate with the world around them. The FELIWAY Research Team® discovered some of the key messages cats use, including:

  • Happiness messages – cats release these messages into their territory when they feel comfortable and safe.
  • Harmony messages – after the birth, the mother sends these messages to her kittens so that they feel safe and in harmony together.

Initially, FELIWAY products® Classic and FELIWAY® Friends they made an exact copy of these messages.


Thanks to the Discovery of the New Feline Pheromone Complex, FELIWAY® Optimum gives cats a more complete message. This new discovery transmits messages of tranquility that help cats to feel comfortable and safe at home, provide serenity and promote harmony between cats.

That is why FELIWAY® Optimum it will make your cat happier and your relationship with him even better!


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