How to create the ideal environment for the well-being of your cat

Cats that live outdoors are exposed to a multitude of stimuli, such as smells, noise, or other animals. A very different situation from that experienced by most domestic cats, who spend their entire lives inside a house.

But we can make this environment as stimulating as if they lived abroad just by applying a series of simple aspects. Do you want to know them?

2. Is it important to adapt the house to the needs of the cat?

3. What aspects of the house count the most for a cat?

4. A safe and intimate space

5. Drink like a real cat

6. An irresistible tray

7. A fabled scraper

8. Something more than food

9. Does the cat need access to the outside?

10. Does the cat at home need sensory stimulation?

11. A dream place to rest

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