How to feed a newborn cat


You have a newborn cat to take care of? When they are so young, feeding them is a bit tricky. So you will have to know how to feed a newborn cat so that it grows.

If you have to take care of a litter of newborn kittens those whose mother cannot feed, the first option you have to assess is whether you can find another lactating cat in the area. Mother’s milk is always going to be better than any other food for a newborn cat. But it is possible that the cat rejects the new offspring, and that you will have to find another way to do it. Follow these tips to know how to feed a newborn cat.

How to feed a newborn cat

  • A newborn cat can only drink milk. But cow’s milk is not the most suitable for your body. It is better to use specific milk for cats.
  • If you can’t get milk for newborn kittens, a good substitute is rice water. After boiling some rice, strain the water for the kitten. This way you will not have digestive problems.
  • A newborn cat, less than two weeks old, you need to eat a little food every hour at least until you open your eyes.
  • Get a bottle with a special nipple to newborn kittens so that it does not cost him work to eat.
  • If you can’t get a special bottle, use a syringe. As the newborn cat He will not know how to drink from it, put a few drops on his mouth so that he takes it little by little.
  • As long as he needs help to eat, he frequently sterilizes the material with which you feed him.
  • From week four of life you can begin to intersperse soft solid foods with milk. But you will have to select the cat food you give it very well, so that it has all the appropriate ingredients for its age.
  • Until it is an adult cat, it needs to eat several times a day, at least four times.

Sit in a comfortable place, with a cushion or fluffy blanket on your knees, and feed the kitten lovingly. You will see how it grows and becomes more independent. But he will always know who it was who fed him when he was a baby and he will come to you for pampering.


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