How to get your cat to sleep at night


Cats are nocturnal animals

If you share life with a feline, surely more than once you have wondered how to get your cat to sleep at night. Believe it or not, there are many more people than you think who have this small but distressing problem. In this article we want to tell you how to approach it to get once and for all that the whole family has sweet dreams and a comforting rest.

Understanding your best friend is the first step

In reality, cats are animals that in nature activate during the night and savages take advantage of that phase of the day to catch their prey. It is true that domestic kitties would innately retain that facet and that, in some cases, it can be reduced by trying to correct some habits at home that will help you.

How to get your cat to sleep at night: guidelines to follow

We are sure that you have ever had a good scare, especially if you are a first time with kittens, who has not been half asleep and suddenly felt like “something” hit him or slid over the foot of the bed? The quick solution would be to take your cat and plant it on its feet outside the bedroom. But make no mistake, this way you will not be able to fix it, but most likely your kitty will stay crying and scratching behind the door until you give up.

Get your cat active during the day

First of all, think that your furry probably spends many hours a day at home and that, in general, when an animal is left alone, what it does is sleep. Well, at this point it would be very interesting and at the same time practical, if you will find him some entertainment that attracts his attention and keeps him alert.

We recommend interactive toys:

When you return home, play a lot with your cat

In addition, there are countless toys with which your best friend will be super happy, but it is essential that you share time together. It is also true that cats are independent animals but they also like to be with their family and have good times.

Although, the most important thing to get your cat to sleep at night is to tire him out during the day. Idea games to run, jump and release your energy. Only in this way will he fall asleep in the end.

In our online store Tghanimal there is a wide selection of toys for cats for you to enjoy together. However, our advice is that you take a few minutes to look and compare the one that best suits you, to choose the best one and that fun and exercise are assured.

Adopt another cat

In this way you will ensure that the time they spend alone at home, they are entertained with each other. Being alone is not the same as being accompanied by a friend, don’t you think? Apart from being both more active during the day, if at night they still have some accumulated energy left, don’t worry, they will spend it with each other, playing with each other.

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Environmental enrichment

Without a doubt, if there is something that cats like, it is height. You can take advantage of this, placing scratchers and hiding in its corners or in the highest part, a toy or snack, which will make it move and explore.

Likewise, another of the things that cats love is to observe, and they can spend hours leaning out of a window to be well informed of everything that happens around them. Therefore, a good idea is to place a hammock, which attracts your attention and encourages you to be alert, watching for a bird passing by or a fly on the glass. We guarantee it will work.

Extra tips to get your cat to sleep at night and that nothing scares away his rest

  1. Try to get him to eat before bedtime, because with a full stomach, he will get into a homey that will be difficult to resist.
  2. Play before going to sleep, to help you be tired.
  3. Choose a quiet location for his resting area and set up a comfortable bed for your cat.
  4. It is useful to have an automatic feeder at home, in case you get hungry in the middle of the night.
  5. You must be constant, if you start to have this problem, do not give him treats to make him leave your room, as this will confuse him and he will think that you are rewarding his behavior.

With everything we have told you, you are ready to spend whole nights dreaming without interruptions. You just have to be insistent and have everything very clear. Also, if you have any doubts, go to your trusted Veterinarian to continue guiding you.

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