How to remove ticks: the best tips


It’s important to know how to remove ticks. They transmit terrible diseases that can put your pet’s health at risk. Ticks must be fought and for this we must implement various methods.

How to remove ticks from the home

how to remove ticks

Many times our pets can bring ticks from the outside and they usually enter our house easily. How to keep them at bay?

  • Keep your house orderly at all times. Canine ticks like to live indoors, dry and warm. That is why we must keep everything in order. They like to hide in the angles and corners that make up the walls of the home.
  • Ticks are able to attach themselves to messy laundry. It is best to wash your clothes in hot water. This will kill them.
  • The vacuum cleaner, the best weapon against ticks. It will aspirate everything that is around it; including these animals. Do not forget to clean well places that have cracks, angles and corners.
  • After cleaning, it is advisable to finish cleaning the corners of the home with an anti-parasite spray. This will definitely destroy the eggs. Spread it well on curtains, rugs and places where the dog rests.
  • If your dog lives indoors, frequents nature, or has recently had ticks, it is best to keep it clean. It will also be useful to put an antiparasitic collar, it will help you prevent.

How to remove ticks from the garden

How to remove ticks

Many times our own garden can become a serious problem. This may be where your dog’s ticks come from. That is why keeping a garden in good condition and clean is essential if we have a dog at home. To know how to remove ticks from the garden we give you these tips:

  • Not having tall grass in the garden. It is the favorite of the tick as it allows it to adhere to animals more easily. Don’t let it get too big.
  • Remove all kinds of weeds and dead leaves that can serve as a home for this ectoparasite.
  • Spray with special pesticide for canine brown ticks. The most efficient pesticides for these cases contain lambdacyhalothrin and esenvalerate. The best time to apply pesticides is in late May or early June.

How to prevent the appearance of ticks

  • Always have at hand antiparasitic products for dogs. These will help you keep ticks away.
  • If you have birds, clean their feeders frequently. Ticks love this place, and they often lay their eggs there.
  • Check your dog constantly for ticks. Don’t let a long time pass between each review. Make sure to bathe him at least once a month.

How to prevent ticks naturally

how to remove ticks

Another way to remove ticks effectively, it is by using a natural antiparasitic. We give you the recipe, it is very easy and efficient.

Ticks Hate Citrus! Choose two very juicy lemons, cut them into pieces and put them to boil in water (half a glass). Lower the heat when it boils and let the liquid cool. Add a splash of apple cider vinegar, then pour the mixture into a spray bottle and voila! Apply in any area of ​​the house where you think there may be ticks.

Now that you know how to remove ticks you can keep them at bay, and your dog will be protected. Remember that to choose the antiparasitic for dogs Ideally, it is best to first consult with the vet.


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