Hunting games for the good physical and mental state of your cat


Our feline friends are terrific hunters. However, domestic life does not allow them to develop this activity, although it is necessary to maintain their emotional well-being. To avoid behavior problems and stimulate your mind, cat toys can be a good ally. Know the most appropriate and also practical tips to use them.

Cats mostly play at hunting. We can perceive this in their searches, stalks, chases, jumps and bites directed towards their toys, which are nothing more than naughty versions of the strategies and movements they use to hunt (Landsberg et al., 2003). In fact, the urge that cats have to hunt or to play at hunting is so strong that they show it even when they are satiated (Hall and Bradshaw, 1998).

Taking into account that for cats that can hunt, predatory behaviors represent a large part of their daily activities and require considerable physical and mental effort (Fitzgerald and Turner, 2000), when a cat does not have opportunities to express this behavior or towards a Really prey or surrogate, it is easier for them to become overweight (Clarke et al., 2005) and remain in a state of frustration or boredom that can lead to the development of some diseases or inappropriate behaviors (Heath, 2005).


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