I think for sterilized cats, how to choose?


When sterilizing a cat it must be taken into account that it may suffer from overweight or urinary problems. You can avoid this by choosing a suitable I think for sterilized cats and knowing the nutritional needs of your cat.

The sterilization process in animals has boomed in recent years, the main reason being birth control. Felines are very sexually active animals and therefore, it is advisable to control.

Spayed felines are prone to:

  • Increased appetite With castration, hormonal production is lowered, which in many cats promotes increased appetite.
  • Overweight. The cats sterilized they tend to lower their physical performance, they become more sedentary, so they can gain weight.
  • Urinary problems The sterilized cats experience an increase in pH in the urine, this can trigger kidney problems.
  • Decrease in muscle mass. Another change that a neutered cat can experience is a decrease in muscle mass and as a result an increase in body fat.

After going through the sterilization process, your cat needs various nutrients to balance its metabolism. It is very important that the animal feed on the best food for sterilized cats according to its characteristics.

Feeding a sterilized cat

When sterilizing a cat, the vet is the one who recommends the diet that your pet should follow. However, by choosing sterilized cat food you should take into account the following:

  1. The diet of a neutered cat should be low in calories and fatty supplements.
  2. The feed must be made with a high content of animal protein. The cats They are carnivores and their adequate nutrition must be based on meat. Animal protein increases muscle mass and decreases fat.
  3. Vegetable protein is not highly recommended. It is important that you check if these products cause allergies.
  4. The amount of fiber cannot be exceeded. It should not be the main complement of a I think for sterilized cats. Too much fiber can inhibit the absorption of other necessary components.
  5. As they are cats who tend to be overweight, it is important that carbohydrates are not too high. The light feed are a very functional supplement for weight control in neutered cats.
  6. Artificial additives and sugar should be permanently removed.
  7. The energy content should not be excessive. To the sterilized cats They cannot be given many energy supplements as after sterilization they become more inactive.
  8. It is necessary to balance the PH of the food, to avoid toxicity in the urine. Neutered cats are prone to kidney failure.
  9. Hydration is important. Special wet food for sterilized cats is an excellent option.
  10. If it includes Omega 3 and Omega 6, the better. As the hormonal process is lower, these components will provide a good condition to the hair and skin of the animal.

What is the best food for sterilized cats?

The feed for cats are divided into:

  • High-end feed
  • Premium feed
  • Mid-range feed
  • Lower mid-range feed

Of all these types you can find sterilized cat food, but it is important that the nutritional table is evaluated. Based on the products it contains, you will choose the right one according to the nutritional needs of your sterilized cat. Keep in mind that the first three components of the nutritional list are the ones with the greatest presence in the feed.

The high-end feed for cats They are made with a high value of pure animal protein (up to 40%). They are made with top quality products and have few carbohydrates and little fat content. They also contain the minerals and the indicated PH.

The I think Premium although they are the best to feed catsThey are not highly recommended for castrates. The nutritional content of these feeds helps to gain weight in the animals. They are ideal for cats at an early age. With Premium feed you can reduce the amount of daily servings.

Low-medium range feeds are not highly recommended in this case due to their high content of vegetable protein. They also have many additives and carbohydrates.

No dog food

To properly feed a cat, its food must be specially made for these animals. There are similar foods for cats and dogs, but they don’t work the same. For no reason should you give your cat food that is for dogs.

Although in appearance the cats and dogs are similar, the nutritional content is completely different. Proteins are an essential base of pet food, not all of them are equally beneficial to cats and dogs.

To the cats they must be given what their body needs. Food should be tailored to your needs and not just your taste. It is necessary to adjust the number of servings so as not to become overweight, the main problem that sterilized cats they are prone.


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