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International cat day

Why is February 20 International Cat Day?

We owe the origin of this date to Socks, the most emblematic cat in the White House. Socks was fortunate to be adopted by Bill Clinton’s daughter. From 1993 to 2001, he became the only cat to set foot in the Oval Room of the White House and his fame grew when he began to appear at former President Clinton’s press conferences and be his companion on his official visits.

Socks became such a popular cat that he had his own website; He became so well known that he even had followers, from whom he occasionally received postal mail. It was because of this that when he passed away in 2009 from cancer, he stirred the feelings of Americans and other countries around the world and inspired the celebration of International Cat Day.

How to celebrate International Cat Day

We believe that the best way to celebrate International Cat Day is by reflecting on the rights of these felines and making people aware of their responsible ownership. If you want to celebrate this day by doing a good deed, these are some good options:

  • Adopt a cat of an animal shelter. Do not do it on impulse, be aware that it will accompany you for the next 10 to 15 years.
  • Donate food and toys to an animal shelter or ask what they need. All help is good.
  • Become a volunteer in an animal shelter and collaborate by taking care of the cats, for example, cleaning their litter boxes or simply playing with them and entertaining them for a while.
  • Talk to other people about why cats make great companions. Share photos of cats on your social networks and show others why having a cat at home is good for people’s physical and emotional health.
  • Have fun and learn with this article: The 10 main cat sounds.


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