Main characteristics of a Bengali cat


The miniature leopard has a first and last name. We introduce you to bengali cat, one of the most active and playful kittens in the cat world. The name will sound familiar, that’s why we explain in this article the main characteristics of a Bengali cat.

This active, intelligent, outgoing and curious feline is considered a large breed cat. His personality overflows in his entire being, and stands out for being a strong and bold feline. If you know what boredom is, you will forget about it as soon as you live with this playful pussycat.

The character or care about this feline breed may be somewhat unknown to you, and you may have doubts. Especially if you are thinking of adopting one. So, take paper and a pen, and write down what you will need for proper care.

Is the Bengali cat a wild cat?

The drawing on the fur of the Bengali cat sure makes you think that this feline comes straight from the African savannah, but nothing is further from the truth. Is he cross between a domestic cat and a leopard cat. The latter has its origin in Asia, and is characteristic for being one of the wildest felines. But, precisely, one of the main characteristics of a Bengali cat is its closeness and affection towards the people with whom it lives.

His energy will not make you bored for a single minute that you spend with him. He is an unconditional fan of games, either in company or alone. So a scraper at home it will save you to take a break and rest from the hyperactivity of your Bengali cat. It is recommended that you reserve at least half an hour a day to play with your feline.

To bathe or not to bathe? That is the question

Most cats, by nature, are autonomous and the bathroom is on their own. In exceptional cases, if your cat has a long mane or has been covered in mud, it is advisable to have a bath follow-up. But the Bengali cat is one of those they clean themselvesTherefore, it is not necessary to establish a bath routine as such.

Where you really have to pay more attention is brushing his coat. Above all, in the molting period. During this stage it is advisable to brush every two days to clean the dirt from our cat and eliminate the dead hair that remains on its body. In this way we also prevent our Bengali cat from suffering intestinal obstructions.

Some kind of diet?

The feeding of our Bengali cat will be a fundamental factor to keep its coat healthy and strong. It does not need any special type of food compared to other cat breeds. It is only necessary that the feed that is provided is of sufficient quality to satisfy your needs.

He does not have seven lives, but he does have iron health

The Bengali cat only needs to visit the veterinarian for routine inspections and to keep his vaccination schedule up to date. It does not suffer from any type of rare and uncommon diseases in the cat world.

In addition, this will help your feline to arrive safely until it completes its average of Life expectancy, which is around the 16 years.

We have told you the main characteristics of a Bengali cat, and surely you have an idea. But reality will exceed these lines, and you will not regret having this feline at home.

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