My cat poops out of the sandbox


Felines are very hygienic animals that, in general, do not need you to teach them to use the litter tray because they have already learned it. However, sometimes cats poop out of the litter box and we don’t understand why.

It is important that we study what has happened so that our cat stops using his tray. This situation is usually due to something that causes discomfort or displeasure. In no case does your cat poop outside the litter box to annoy you. If improper defecation occurs once in a while and is something specific, you should not give it too much importance. The problem comes when it becomes habitual and daily. You should also rule out any possible problem of health taking him to the vet.

If you’ve just picked up or adopted a kitten and she doesn’t know how to use the box, there are some guidelines you can follow to teach her. Keep on reading to know everything.

Reasons a cat poops out of the litter box

These are the most common causes why a cat does not use or stops using its litter tray:

  • Does not like sand. Have you changed your substrate? This may be the reason why your cat does not want to relieve itself inside.
  • Doesn’t like the tray. The litter box should be comfortable and of a suitable size for your feline. If it is small or has very raised edges, you may choose to do it outside. It may also be due to its location.
  • Dirty tray. If you don’t remove urine and feces daily, or the box smells bad, your cat may avoid going inside.
  • Arrival of a new cat at home. Cats are very clean and territorial, so much so that some don’t like to share their litter tray. If your cat poops outside the litter box coinciding with the entry of another cat into the family, this is almost certainly the reason.
  • Stress, anxiety, or fear. The emotional state of cats can also influence inappropriate eliminations.

However, it may also be due to some health problem Therefore, if none of the above causes fit you, consult your veterinarian to rule out that it is a disease.

What can we do if our cat poops out of the litter box?

In relation to the above reasons, we must take into account a few things:

  • Change sand. Cats have preference in terms of the type of sand: fine, coarse, natural, scented, clumping, silica … You will have to find your favorite and discard the ones you don’t like.
  • Choosing a suitable tray. Cats have very special tastes in terms of food and their things and with the litter box it was not going to be different. For a cat to use the tray it has to like it, you will have to take into account things like size and whether it is open or closed.
  • Study the location of the tray. Many cats want privacy when they go to relieve themselves. Therefore, their sandbox must be in a quiet and little-traveled place where they feel comfortable and safe. Also, you should not be near their food or their bed because they don’t like it. If your cat always defecates in a specific place in the house and you can’t get it to go to his tray, try placing it in the place he has chosen.
  • Increase litter hygiene. Collect the stools and make more frequent sand changes.
  • Place a tray for each cat. If you’ve adopted another cat and their arrival coincides with your cat pooping out of the litter box, you need to provide them with a tray for each one as they most likely won’t want to share it.

How to teach a cat to use the litter box?

  • Know your routine and use it to anticipate. If, for example, you know that he usually poops after eating or before sleeping, take him to the tray at those times to teach him how to do it there.
  • Make teaching fun. If your tray doesn’t like or scares you, play with your cat near it or even inside. You can remove the sand and dig for it to see you and attract its attention.
  • Place the stool inside the tray. If your cat poops out of the litter box, you can scoop it up with the shovel or a bag and put it in the litter box. This will help them understand that this is the right place to do it. Do not forget to clean the area where it was done well to eliminate any trace of smell.
  • Always reward him use the sandbox. If you pamper your cat every time he poops in the sand, you will motivate him to always do it.
  • Don’t scold him. Yelling at him or scaring him will only make the situation worse and he will not understand why you were angry.

With these tips you will know what you will have to look for and how to act if your cat poops outside the litter box.

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