My spayed cat urinates everywhere


Marking is not only related to sexual behavior. Maybe when you sterilized your cat you thought that there would be no problems with marking but … it turns out that keep peeing off his tray sanitary. Why?

Cats are extremely clean animals, and if they stop using their litter box and relieve themselves elsewhere, they will most likely have a problem. But what is the cause of this behavior? May be related to marking, with improper urination or with a health problem.

To find the reason it is important that you pay attention to their behavior, their mood, symptoms and any recent changes in their environment.

Why does my spayed cat urinate everywhere?

As we have already mentioned, even if your cat is neutered, she can continue to mark with urine but… why? One of the main causes that directly affect the behavior of the cat and that are related to eliminating in inappropriate places is stress. Cats are very sensitive animals and any change in the home can affect them emotionally. Changing the furniture or its arrangement, a move, a change in its routine or the arrival of a new member of the family (human or animal) are some of the situations that can cause a cat to stress.

Any change in your cat’s life should be made as gradually as possible to avoid stress, anxiety and discomfort that they can generate. The most important thing is not to get angry with him, but to understand him and be patient until the problem is solved.

The improper urination They can also be related to different health problems, such as cystitis, kidney stones or pain.

Possible causes why your spayed cat urinates everywhere:

  • Stress
  • Problems with your litter tray
  • Health problem

The first thing you should do is identify the source of the problem.

Tips to Avoid Stress Urine Marking

  • Hygiene: clean litter tray, in a quiet area, easily accessible and away from food, water and bed. If you have several cats, there should always be a tray for each one plus an extra one (example: three cats, four litter boxes).
  • Feliway diffuser and spray– Synthetic facial pheromones convey safety messages that reduce stress and marking. Use the diffuser for the environment and the spray in the place that has urinated; this will prevent them from redialing.
  • Environmental enrichment: toys, play areas, platforms, rest areas, fountain-type drinkers, possibility of lying on the window to observe the outside, etc.
  • Eliminate the olfactory mark: clean the area where you have urinated well with an enzymatic product that completely eliminates the odor to prevent re-marking. Don’t use bleach or ammonia.

Do not forget that, if you are going to make a change at home or you are going to modify a routine that may affect your cat, you must do it progressively so that it can adapt and not stress. If your neutered cat urinates everywhere due to stress, following these tips you can remedy it.

Why doesn’t my spayed cat use her litter tray?

As we said, cats are very sensitive and, if there is something they do not like about their tray, they will not want to use it.

If your cat has never used the litter box …

  • You may not like its shape or size because it is small, too high or because it is open and you prefer it closed.
  • You may not like the substrate. Try different types of sand until you find one you like: fine, coarse, silica, binder, odorless, scented …
  • You may not like its location. If you are in an area that is difficult to access or is too busy, you may feel uncomfortable and prefer to relieve yourself in a more accessible and quiet place. They also don’t like it being near where they eat or sleep.

If your cat has stopped using the litter box …

Think about whether there have been any changes that coincide with your spayed cat urinating everywhere except on her tray:

  • Have you changed the litter or the tray?
  • Have you moved the sandbox?
  • Have you moved furniture or accessories near where the sandbox is?
  • Is the box clean enough?
  • Is there a new cat in the house and does he use the same tray?

You can know more about this topic and find all the answers in these posts:

How can I prevent my spayed cat from urinating everywhere?

Before thinking about the solution, it is necessary know the origin of this behavior to treat the causes that have originated it. Sometimes it is complicated and you must be patient, but it is the only way to end the problem and get your cat to feel good again and behave as usual.

NEVER scold or punish your felineThis will only aggravate the problem, make you feel bad, and be negative for your relationship.

If the problem is related to stress, follow our tips to reduce your cat’s discomfort; If you think it has to do with your litter tray, check everything we have discussed.

We hope that after reading this article you can find out why your spayed cat is urinating everywhere and find a solution. If you think it may be due to a health problem, do not hesitate to take her to the vet.


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