the first cat to die with Covid-19 in Spain: he suffered from a heart


Researchers from Research Center in Animal Health (CReSA, in its acronym in Catalan) have detected the first cat infected by coronavirus in Spain, the sixth in the world.

The cat, by name “Bold” and who has already passed away, lived with a family with various people affected by COVID-19 in Catalonia and suffered from heart disease.

The researcher at the CReSA Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology, Joaquím Segalés, has stated that “lhe chain of virus transmission occurs from people to cats, and these are the collateral victims of disease in humans“.

People humans can transmit the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 to the dogs, cats and ferrets, although it is not yet confirmed that transmission occurs in reverse, as pointed out a month ago by the Ministry of Health in a new scientific-technical document about the virus.

This conclusion was reached after detecting two cases of dogs with respiratory and digestive symptoms in Hong-Kong (China) and of a cat in Belgium who lived with a person infected with the new coronavirus.

In addition, as Health explains in the report, in experimental studies, it has been observed infection in cats and ferrets, with active replication of the virus in the respiratory tract. A situation that has also been observed, although with “much less intensity” in dogs.

“These data indicate that there could be transmission from infected humans to dogs, cats and ferrets occasionally, and it is unknown whether transmission could occur from these animals to humans,” concluded Health.


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