Pipettes or antiparasitic collar What is more effective?


A frequent question is how to choose the ideal antiparasitic for your dog. When you need external antiparasitics for dogs you have two options: pipettes or collar. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of each one varies according to the age and behavior of the animal.

Many times to protect pets the mistake is made of using all kinds of products that are on the market. This results in that certain products, instead of favoring the animal, harm it. For this reason, in the case of antiparasitic you should know which is the most convenient for each pet.

Pipettes or collar
Pipettes or collar?

Between the external antiparasitics for dogs approved and recommended by experts are the pipettes and collars. To choose between pipettes or collar it is important that you know the specifications of each one.

Description of pipettes for dogs

  • Is a antiparasitic ideal for external pests (fleas, lice or ticks)
  • They are applied directly to the skin of the animal.
  • Its effect on fleas and ticks is immediate.
  • The application of the product must cover a large part of the dermis.
  • It is placed from the neck to the base of the tail, it can also be spread on the legs.
  • It should not be applied only on the hair.
  • It is a relatively novel product.
  • When applying it, the animal should not be licked and swallowed, as it is toxic.
  • After applying it, the dog cannot be bathed for the next two days.
  • Its duration is not very long, 2 weeks minimum and 1 or 2 months maximum.
  • Its cost is relatively high, compared to other external antiparasitics for dogs.
  • Although it has a repellent effect, it also has a very fast and effective healing action.
  • You have to choose them according to the weight, size and coat of the animal.
  • They have a characteristic smell.
pipettes or collar
Pipettes for dogs

Description of dog collars

  • It is removable and put on, that is, it can be removed and placed again.
  • It is worn only around the neck of the animal.
  • Varies in sizes.
  • The durability is greater than that of the pipettes, as it can reach up to 6 months of functionality.
  • More than an immediate healing effect, it offers a preventive action, as it is a powerful repellent.
  • Its cost is not that high, compared to other external antiparasitics for dogs.
  • When placed, it progressively releases a substance that permeates the neck of the animal and protects it from the invasion of pests.
  • Most are made of water-resistant material, so it won’t be damaged or fade when wet.
  • The dog can bathe with the stall.
  • It is not recommended that the dog ingest it, it can become intoxicated. For this reason, you have to take care that the dog does not try to take it off and take it to the snout.
  • It is an antiparasitic method not very recent on the market. It is a traditional product.
  • They do not have a strong odor.
Pipettes or collar
Dog collars

Pipettes vs. antiparasitic necklace

The importance of using pipettes or collar antiparasitic lies in the preventive action of both.

Their main difference is that the pipettes are effective in attacking the parasites that are present quickly, while the collars are of more preventive use.

Many experts consider it necessary to use antiparasitic products to prolong the life of pets.

Everything you need to keep in mind …

  1. When the dog is very puppy
  • Regarding the dog collarsKeep in mind that puppies often play, chew on the collar and could become intoxicated.
  • Regarding the pipettes for dogs, some are harmful to very small animals. This is because the immune system of very small dogs is not sufficiently developed to counteract the venom.
  1. When the dog has many parasites
  • The use of pipettes or collar it may not be very effective. In this case it is necessary to turn to the veterinarian, who will examine the option of applying a combination of external antiparasitics and internal.
  1. When the animal has skin sensitivity
  • There are animals that are very sensitive on the skin, for them the pipettes or collar sometimes they are not the ideal option. It is necessary to test the toxicity of each one and choose the one that best suits you.


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