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Hill’s Prescription Diet’s new Metabolic line of food is specially formulated to treat a very common problem in pets: being overweight. With it you can improve the quality of life of your furry and get it to stay at its ideal weight.

Obese animals have less energy, greater difficulty in moving, play less and also have a shorter life expectancy. That is why it is essential to take care of the diet of dogs and cats so that they are healthy and happy.

I think Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic for dogs and cats

This new food from Hill’s is not only low in fat but also has a complex of scientifically selected nutrients that regulate energy expenditure and optimize fat burning, such as L-carnitine and L-lysine. In this way, they fight the accumulation of fat in the body and manage, on the one hand, to reduce weight and, on the other, to maintain it. In addition, your pet will not go hungry because the feed also produces a satiating effect thanks to its high content of soluble and insoluble fibers.

Clinically proven: 96% of dogs and 80% of cats lost weight in just two months.

Hill’s Metabolic Mobility

Obesity often results in joint problems. Excess weight makes the joints have to carry more weight than normal, causing discomfort and can wear them down.

This variety of Hill’s is specially designed to, in addition to weight control, help improve mobility in case of osteoarthritis. Its formula maintains the health of cartilage and its flexibility to contribute to joint care and that your dog returns to running and jumping as usual.

Hill’s Metabolic Urinary

On the other hand, Hill’s also offers you an option for animals with overweight and urinary problems. A formula adapted to the needs of dogs and cats that need to lose weight and take care of their urinary system. Low in fat to promote optimal body condition, and with controlled levels of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium to prevent and reduce struvite and oxalate stones.

And for cats, an even more specific option formulated for urinary problems caused by stress (feline idiopathic cystitis): Hill’s Metabolic Urinary Stress.

Hill’s Metabolic wet

Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic is also available in wet food form. Because even if your pet is on a diet, he does not have to do without a tasty and appetizing wet food. Low-fat recipes with selected nutrients that help burn calories to facilitate weight loss.

Available in different formats for dogs and cats, including an exquisite meat stew with vegetables in a juicy and irresistible sauce. Losing weight has never been so easy and so delicious! And with visible results in the first two months.

Hill’s Metabolic helps to lose and maintain weight in dogs and cats that have gained weight due to poor diet, age, lack of exercise or sterilization and prevents them from regaining it.

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