The best food for overweight cats


Weight gain in cats can cause joint diseases, diabetes, among other pathologies. The food for overweight cats it must provide the exact amount of nutrients your body needs. The frequency and quantity of the rations should be reduced or adjusted so that the cat loses or maintains its weight.

In recent years there have been cases of overweight cats. Overweight in animals is determined by the excessive accumulation of body fat, and is caused by a poor diet.

food for overweight cats
Overweight cats

How to choose food for overweight cats

The first tip is to take your cat to your vet. Between the two of you they will find the type of food, and the routine to follow.

To control or lose weight in a feline it is necessary to adjust its usual diet. The nutritional needs of overweight animals are determined by several factors:

  1. Physical condition of the animal. Not all overweight cats they are tolerant of the same type of food. It must be borne in mind that if the animal has specific health conditions, the food must be coupled to it. For example, the food for an overweight cat that is diabetic to another that suffers from arthritis. However, in both cases it is ideal to choose low calorie feed and supplements to improve your health. Please note the following:
  • A fat cat with diabetes you need little consumption of foods with gluten such as corn or wheat.
  • A fat cat With joint problems you need glucosamine, chondroitin and calcium supplements.
  • A fat cat with urinary problems you should balance the intake of magnesium and calcium in food.
  1. Lose weight or keep the weight off? Food to lose weight is not the same as food to maintain weight. In general, the food for overweight cats It is made for the animal to lose weight. This means that it does not contain carbohydrates or calories. There are also meals prepared for the animal to maintain its weight, these contain low amounts of carbohydrates and calories.
  2. Food allergies There are light feed for cats made from cereals, but there are also cats that suffer from allergies to these foods. Other weight loss foods are made from animal protein, not all cats process meats. This is why in the diet of overweight cats you should always read the nutritional information on the packaging.
Fat cats

What is the best food for overweight cats

  • Low caloric quantity.
  • Low content of carbohydrates.
  • Low content of lipids or fats.
  • High content of boneless animal protein.
  • Lots of vegetable fiber.
  • Without high gluten content. Be careful with cereals like corn and wheat.
  • Low content of additive supplements.
  • Low content of vitamin supplements.

What about cat cans?

The canned cat food It contains less carbohydrates than animal feed, thus they are an option to control obesity.

This type of food has more water, which favors the digestion of food. It also contains a high proportion of animal protein, which is highly recommended for obese animals.

food for overweight cats
Overweight cats

Frequency of meals

An important element to consider in the diet of fat cats is the frequency of daily meals. The ideal diet for a overweight cat should include 2 meals a day.

In case you do not want to reduce the servings, they can be divided into 4 servings, reducing the amount per serving. It is necessary that your cat does not have to access food every time he wants it. You have to put the ration when it is time and then remove it.

The cat food dispensers they should be used with great caution. High calorie feed should not be placed.

Avoid rewards

In overweight cats Care should be taken not to offer high-calorie sweets or sweets as a reward. You must control sugar, because in addition to being overweight, it causes digestive disorders and diabetes.

You should also be aware of the total elimination of calories from the diet of cats. Felines have a liver with a slow metabolism and eliminating calories can further affect their functioning. It is important that the diet to fat cats is prescribed by your veterinarian.

The diet of overweight animals should not involve the total elimination of calories and carbohydrates. Food control should be done progressively.

Much water consumption

For the body to burn calories and fat, the cat must be hydrated. The consumption of water is essential for any animal when it comes to losing weight.
Food for overweight cats

It is important that the feline with weight problems never lack water in his drinking fountain. Water makes your digestive system faster so you don’t gain weight.

Lots of physical activity

Lack of physical activity is a trigger for being overweight and obesity in cats. The nature of felines is hunting, so they must have a lot of physical activity to be in good condition. Being sedentary means that the animal does not burn energy, fat and calories that its body consumes.

The diet of a overweight cat it must be accompanied by a daily routine of physical activity. It is recommended that you take your pet out for daily walks. It is also very flattering to allow him to explore outside the house, climb trees, and practice hunting activities.

Obesity vs. overweight in cats

It is necessary to be clear that being overweight is not the same as being obese. Overweight can be determined by a few extra pounds. Obesity is determined by many kilos over the ideal weight.

Treating an obese cat requires very strict diets, since it is necessary for the cat to lose weight quickly.

Cats with not too exaggerated overweight can progressively incorporate a diet low in calories and carbohydrates.

It is necessary to take care of the feeding of pets, an overweight animal can lead to serious health complications. Diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular problems, are some of the pathologies in overweight cats.


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