The LaPerm cat breed


A litter of six kittens was born on a farm in the United States in 1982. One of the females had bare skin, but after two months it had a curly and silky coat. Over several years the owner selected and raised many other kittens with the same coat, which were the first ancestors of the Dalles LaPerm breed, the result of a mutation in a dominant gene.

Around 1996 the LaPerm breed was officially recognized in the United States and is currently trying to make it official in other associations around the world. Because there are still few specimens, it is allowed to cross with other breeds.

In addition to the cloak, they have in common a great attachment to people. They love to be close to their masters and often touch their face and neck with their front paws. He is a farm cat, an excellent hunter, outgoing and curious, and a good companion. He has a sweet and very soft voice.

Its maintenance is simple; You only need to brush them two or three times a week to remove the hairs that have come off. By having curls, the hair is trapped and they do not eliminate many hairs in the environment.

General appearance of the LaPerm cat

It is a medium-sized cat, with fine bones, moderately long and elegant with curly fur. Its weight is 3.5 to 5.5 kg.

  • The head It is triangular in shape with rounded contours. Rounded skull, slight stop, nose of medium length. Full and pronounced whisker pads. Thin chin. His whiskers are also curly. It has medium-sized ears with a wide base and rounded tip. The interior is covered with hairs, which are curly at the bottom. The presence of brushes is appreciated.
  • Eyes large, almond-shaped, moderately separated. There is no relationship between the color of the eyes and that of the coat.
  • Neck of medium length, tall bearing.
  • Body semi-elongated type, of medium size. Medium bones and good muscles.
  • Legs of medium length. Front legs shorter than the hind legs. Middle bone. Good musculature. Round feet.
  • Tail long and sharp. Wavy coat.
  • Fur: there are two varieties
    short hair cape, with soft, silky texture, wavy on the back and belly. Moderate fluff.
    semi-long or long coat, with a soft and curly texture. Ruff taken in adults. The inside of the ears and whiskers can be curled. These cats stay naked at least once in their lives, usually when they are very young. Hair grows back. All colors are allowed.
  • Defects: absence of hair on the ears. Absence of curls of long hair under the ears. Slender and square body, short legs.

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