The Most Independent Dog Breeds


Surely, when you think of a dog as a pet, a loyal, affectionate animal comes to mind, which follows you everywhere and approaches you every time you ask.

Now do you know what there is dogs more independent than others? Although it may be hard for you to believe, there are beings of this species who need more to have their own space, and who do not like having the people who live around them on top of them so much. We tell you everything about these breeds throughout this article.

What do we understand by an independent dog?

When we talk about independent dogs, we are not saying that they are animals that do not want to know anything about their owners and that they are not at all affectionate. We are referring to the dogs that can stay at home calmly, even if they are alone, without feeling extreme anxiety or nervousness.

There are dogs that, when they see their owner cross the door of the house, they start to cry and feel very sad when they are aware that, for a while, they will be without anyone around. On the contrary, others accept the situation and take advantage of it to sleep or to be calm without the need for constant caresses.

There are breeds more prone to this character, although there are even ways of working with the animal so that it leaves the dependency aside, regardless of the previous characteristics it has.

Do independent dogs really exist?

The first thing to note is that each dog has a special and unique personality. In any case, there are certain traits linked to its genetic inheritance, by which it is possible to know what type of behavior it may have. Yes, education is the greatest influence a dog has to act in one way or another. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your pet and offer it all the care it needs in order not to have any behavioral problems.

However, it is true that there are more independent and reserved dog breeds. This is the reason why it costs them less to be alone and they know how to behave when their owners are absent. As we have said before, it is true that there are dependencies that can be regulated through training and a lot of work, but there are breeds that are more likely to better assimilate certain situations.

In order for you to know all the details, in the next section we are going to describe you the most independent breeds. If it is the character you are looking for in your pet, you will have no problem achieving it with those dogs that we are going to talk about below.

The most independent dog breeds

There are more independent breeds than others. We will talk about some of them throughout this section:

  • Chow chow
  • Shar pei
  • Lhasa apso
  • Pekingese

Chow chow

The chow chow is a breed as calm as independent. He also boasts great courage and great physical resistance. It is known to be perfect to act as a guardian, therefore the animal is reserved and distrustful before strangers. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is very loyal to the people who live with him. What’s more, it offers a very positive attitude towards children.

It is true that does not require much attention from your guardians. Now, you have to be attentive to their education. Therefore, it is advisable that whoever has an animal of this breed at home is someone with experience. Likewise, you have to be aware of taking care of their fur.

Shar pei

The Shar Pei is known mainly for its physical appearance, due to the wrinkles that its skin forms throughout its entire body.

What really stands out about his personality is that he is a very independent dog. However, creates a very special bond with their owners, being very loyal to them. Of course, you have to pay close attention to its socialization and be very attentive to the problems that it may develop in the skin due to its structure.

Lhasa apso

It is a surprising breed of dog, since it is small but, even so, shows great courage and is perfect as a guardian. Therefore, it is necessary to socialize with them since they are puppies.

It is the perfect animal if you are looking for an independent and loyal dog. Of course, you will have to take it out for a walk often, because it is a very active breed. Also, brushing its coat is essential to avoid knots.


This breed not only boasts of being independent, but also of possessing a faithful and courageous character. In addition, it has a great capacity for adaptation. Of course, they need their owners to pay close attention to their education, due to their reserved personality. In this way, they will learn to respect the rules of the house in which they live. Having a long and abundant coat, constant brushing is necessary.


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