Turkish Angora cat: excellent choice for households with children


If you are passionate about felines, and the little ones in your house are also attracted to these wonderful animals, you are in luck. Due to her playful and loving attitude, the turkish angora cat is an excellent choice for households with children.

According to research carried out in different studies, the Turkish Angora cat is one of the oldest races that exist, and the long coat that characterizes it has contributed to the fascination that this animal produces in many parts of the world.

The keys to why the Turkish Angora cat is a great alternative for households with children

Angora cats are from Turkey and, originally, only those with white hair were recognized as animals of this breed. This is still the case in their country of origin, but it has been more than 20 years since the International Feline Federation has accepted specimens with different colors in their fur.

This breed, very popular all over the world, was on the verge of extinction due to its uncontrolled breeding. And this would have happened if the Turkey Zoo had not carried out a recovery program for the species.

Physical characteristics of the Turkish Angora cat

The physical feature that stands out the most in these specimens is their long bushy tail, which gives it an attractive and different air. In general, they are not very large animals, since they can weigh between 3 and 5 kilos, which makes them very agile.

The head is triangular and has the ears pointed. His eyes, in most cases, are oblique and higher on the outside of the face. In addition, in some specimens they are of a different color.

Finally, they are animals of long hairAlthough Turkish angoras with medium-length fur are occasionally found. The color may vary depending on the specimen, but the most common and appreciated is still white.

His mischievous character

It is, like most felines, a very independent and intelligent breed. However, they are usually mischievous, affectionate and very active, so they will love toys designed for cats. Also, they adapt well to enclosed spaces, but they need to have freedom of movement.

Therefore, the Turkish Angora cat is a excellent option for households with children. They are usually well suited to them and the little ones enjoy their energy and liveliness.

The Turkish Angora cat and children: teach them to play

For the smallest of the house to learn to enjoy the company of these animals and to be able to play and enjoy with them, it is important that both of them get used to the presence of the other from an early age.

In general, they tend to interact very naturally, especially if the feline is also a puppy. But even in the case of animals of a certain age, we can learn tricks to play with our cats that will help us, for example, to observe what things they like.

Turkish Angora care

The Turkish Angora is a long-lived animal and does not require too special attention. The only thing that needs more intense vigilance is brushing, as long-haired cats can develop serious intestinal problems from hairballs.

If a normal hygiene is maintained, necessary in any other breed, and we take him to the vet at least twice a year, for his check-ups and to deworm him, we can enjoy a healthy cat for a long time.

Now that you know that the Turkish Angora cat is an excellent option for households with children and you have learned how to take care of this naughty little friend, you just have to encourage yourself to enjoy his company.

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