Types of cat carriers


You can choose between the different types of carriers for cats depending on its shape or the use that you are going to give it.

If you usually travel frequently, you will have already had some other problem with your pet. The cat carriers They solve this problem, because this way you can control the animal so that it is in a comfortable and quiet place during the journey. The pet carriers they can also be used for other animals.

Types of cat carriers

Depending on the models that exist you can choose between these types of carriers for cats:

  1. Foldable fabric carrier: they do not weigh or take up much space. You can use them as pet carriers on trips or for your cat to sleep at home. This type of carrier is widely used for short walks such as going to the supermarket, or to take him to the vet is also a good option, you can also fold and store them without taking up much.
  2. Rigid or plastic carriers: for when you have to take your protected pet. If you are going to take a plane trip, for example, the animal needs a rigid carrier that protects it from blows and keeps it safe. However, keep in mind that to travel there are approved carriers.
  3. Cloth bags: They are comfortable and serve for day to day. Some even have wheels, but usually you will carry them hanging from the handle as a shoulder bag.

How to choose cat carriers

  • Think about whether you need it stiff or soft.
  • Then choose between the shapes and materials: bag, backpack, fabric, rubber, reinforced plastic, etc.
  • Your cat needs to have room to stretch, stand up, move around, and be comfortable and protected. See how to put your cat in the carrier.
  • That your carrier is approved to travel in means of transport.
  • If you are going to travel by plane, the carrier has to meet specific rules. Check the rules with the airline.
  • What will be necessary is that you place a green sticker on which you can read “Live Animal”.
  • A cat carrier it also has to have a good closure that ensures that the animal cannot escape.
  • The ventilation grill is essential. The animal needs the air to flow well throughout the cabin.
  • In addition, pet carriers They must have a container for food and drink that can be filled from the outside.

Always choose an approved and safe carrier for your pet.


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