What are the best collars for dogs?


Think of all the walks you will take together… The necklace greatly influences your comfort. So, if your dog has just arrived at your home, choosing a good collar for him is one of the first tasks you should do.

But where to start? What characteristics should I take into account? How many types are there? Do not panic, let’s see what are the best collars for dogs and how should you choose your pet’s.

What is the best collar for dogs?

There are different types of dog collars. Choosing the best one for your pet is a great responsibility, since it is a very important accessory that will accompany you on every walk and give you peace of mind. But how to choose the most suitable collar for my dog?

We give you a series of guidelines that you must keep in mind when choosing:

  • Resistant. That it is made with quality materials and that it withstands jerks. Take into account the breed and size of your dog, as the bigger it is, the more force it will have when pulling.
  • Comfortable. The collar should not pinch your neck or be too loose. If you push too hard, not only will it not be comfortable, but it can also hurt you. On the contrary, if it is too loose, it will not be safe because there is a risk that it will take it off. To adjust it optimally and ensure that your dog is comfortable and walks safely, insert two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck; that will be the reference that will help you know that it is correctly placed. Comfort and safety are two fundamental points of the best collars for dogs.
  • Tailored. You must take into account its size and the measurement of its neck to choose the right collar for your dog. Depending on what your furry weighs, it will need a lighter or more robust collar. Remember to measure the contour of your neck to choose the size that best suits you.
  • Identifying. It is also very useful to have a plate where you can put your name and a telephone number so that, in case of loss, they can contact you. If the chosen necklace does not have this plate, don’t worry, you can hang a badge with the engraved data.

Dog collars of different materials

Another aspect that we must take into account is the material in which it is manufactured. The best dog collars are made with high quality materials that guarantee their strength and durability.

Within the wide catalog of dog collars, the most common are the following:

  • Nylon Necklaces. They are very resistant and withstand changes in temperature and humidity very well. It is a comfortable fabric for the animal and one of the most practical options for most dogs.
  • Leather necklaces. They are very durable. The flats are ideal for short or medium haired dogs; On the other hand, for long-haired dogs, rounded ones are more suitable. Although at first it may seem like a material too hard, with use it becomes softer and more flexible.
  • Metal necklaces. They look very aesthetic and elegant, but be careful, they are not always the best collars for dogs as they can harm your pet if you use them wrong. Some models are used for training purposes, so it is necessary to pay special attention to their recommendations for use; If you have no experience in dog training, discard this type of collar. And one more thing to keep in mind: they are only recommended for medium or large breeds.

After choosing the one that best suits the characteristics of your pet, you must make sure that it is well restrained when walking. In addition, you should check from time to time that it is not worn or damaged and, if so, replace it with a new one.

Types of dog collars

Although there are many types, we have selected only those that we consider to be the best collars for dogs according to need:

  • Standard collar. Is your dog very restless? Then this type of necklace is the most suitable for him. They usually have a built-in buckle that makes them very comfortable and easy to put on.
    Within this type of necklaces you can choose between the different materials that we have seen, although nylon is the most common.
    But beware! If jerks are still very frequent on walks, this type of collar is not the most suitable for your pet, as it will drown him every time he pulls. First of all, teach your dog to walk without jerking with the head or handling collars, which we will talk about below.
  • Harness collar. Harnesses are one of the best collars for dogs. They are highly recommended for all types of dogs, even if it is a small breed. The best thing about these necklaces is their great comfort. With them you will avoid that the pulls go directly to the neck of your pet and they will be much softer than with the classic collars. Keep in mind that if your dog pulls a lot, it may not be the best fit for him. Harnesses are also the best option for safe car travel.
  • Driving or head collar. Their shape is reminiscent of a muzzle and, although it may seem otherwise, they are very comfortable for the animal. This type of collar can be used to help educate him on walks. However, before putting it on your pet, you should learn to use it to prevent a bad pull from hurting it.

What is the best dog training collar?

Among the great variety of dog collars that exist, are the training collars. These should always be used with knowledge and, as the name suggests, they are designed to train. The most classic ones are usually made of metal and exert pressure on the dog’s neck when they are pulled. Metal training collars are not exactly the best collars for a dog, but they can sometimes be necessary or useful if nothing else works.

The head strap it is another option to use in training and correcting certain behaviors. When the dog jerks, the leash presses on the back of his neck.

The semiahork necklaces They conform to the dog’s neck and, although they do not hurt when pulling, they are used in training and agility due to the discomfort they cause when it is pulled.

This type of collars should be used by people with extensive knowledge of the training technique to prevent the dog from suffering any kind of damage. You have to learn to use them with caution and correctly, so we recommend that you always go to a canine behavior specialist for advice on this type of dog collars.

The most suitable flea collar for dogs

Another type of collar very different from the one for a walk is the antiparasitic, also very necessary to protect our pet.

Flea collars are necessary so that your dog does not suffer discomfort from parasite infections. Find out what characteristics they have and see the variety that we have at Tíanimal. You will find effective collars with different duration, water resistant, for dogs of all sizes, special against ticks and fleas, etc.

We leave you with an article on which are the best antiparasitic type dog collars so that you can compare and choose the one that best suits you.

To choose a suitable flea collar for your dog, it is advisable to consult the vet. He will help you choose the most appropriate for him. Keep in mind the following considerations about these necklaces:

  • They have one specific insecticide dose for dogs. Therefore, you should always make sure that it is a suitable collar for your pet and not put it on very young dogs. Most of them are recommended from 7-8 weeks of age.
  • There are different types of flea collars, so we recommend that you choose the one that protects your pet not only from fleas, but also from other parasiteslike mosquitoes and ticks.
  • Change the necklace when the efficiency ends. They usually protect for 4 months from fleas and 6 months from ticks, although, among the best antiparasitic type dog collars, you can find some that cover up to 8 months completely, such as the famous Seresto.
  • There are flea collars water resistant. Choose them for your comfort and peace of mind. There are also collars with natural insecticides, gentler for your dog.

Over time, you will be able to see for yourself what type of collar is most comfortable for you and your dog. When in doubt, the vet is always the person who can best advise you.

At Tíanimal there is a wide range of dog collars, take a look and choose the best one for your pet! Visit our stores or our online veterinary consultations and let yourself be advised by our specialists, they will inform you about which are the best collars for dogs and which are the most suitable for your best friend.

And you, what kind of collar do you usually use for your dog? Would you like to recommend one that we have not mentioned? Share your experience with us!


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