What aspects of the house count the most for a cat?


What aspects of the house count the most for a cat?

According to the most prestigious international associations of feline medicine specialists (Ellis et al., 2013), the pillars of the ideal environment for cats are:

1. Privacy and security

2. The presence of multiple and scattered resources throughout the home, which should include food, water, disposal trays, scratching posts, play areas, and resting places.

3. Possibility of playing and engaging in predatory behavior.

4. Social contact with positive, consistent and predictable people.

5. An environment that respects the delicate sense of smell of cats.

Among these aspects there is not one that stands out above all others and is responsible for the overall effect of an environmental enrichment plan. For this reason, it is advisable to extend the enrichment plan to all possible aspects of the cat’s environment (Rochlitz, 2005).

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