What does the Siamese cat eat? How do I take care of your diet?


An open, outgoing, affectionate and very talkative cat. We are talking about Siamese cat, a cat with a predisposition to intestinal tumors, vomiting or ingesting objects, such as wool or plastic. For this reason, it is very important that we monitor their diet, do you want to know what the Siamese cat eats? Attentive!

This cat breed, from Thailand, is one of the most elegant, agile and energetic. They are very sociable cats, so they will not like spending a lot of time at home alone. Its weight is between 2 and 4.5 kilos and, in general, it lives between 9 and 15 years.

These cats, due to their predisposition to the problems that we have described above, must have a good diet, but don’t worry, it won’t cause you any headaches, aim!

What does the Siamese cat eat?

There are different types of ideal food for your Siamese cat. See your vet to find out which one best suits your kitten based on his personal characteristics.

I think dry

He I think dry It is one of the best feeding options for your Siamese cat, especially in its first stage of life.

When a Siamese is small, it needs a diet rich in protein and fat to promote their growth. Calcium and vitamins must also be present in the dry feed during this stage.

In adulthood, the dry feed of the Siamese cat should be composed of 26% protein, 40% fat and varied percentages of omega 3 and omega 6, vitamins and fibers.

If your Siamese cat has passed adulthood, and is in the old age, a dry feed is essential reduced in protein and fat. The reason? Less physical activity. With these requirements we prevent our Siamese from getting fat as if there were no tomorrow.

I think wet

Wet food is a favorite in the pussy world, and of course, it will also be for your Siamese cat. But its abundant intake can cause great inconveniences in our feline, such as tartar, bad breath, soft, foul stools. So you should always check with your vet for the right amount for your pet.

As in dry feed, wet food contains different percentages of nutrients. In this case, they must contain a minimum of 35% protein, between 15% and 25% fat, and no more than 5% carbohydrates. Omega 3 and 6 are also present in wet feed. In addition, we also have calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium in this food.

Important tip: it is essential to put the container of the wet feed in the refrigerator if it has not been finished, in order to preserve its nutrients.

A good diet accompanied by physical exercise

Now that you know what the Siamese cat eats to have a proper diet, you should know what it will need perform physical exercise so you can be healthy and strong.

As we have said, it is a very social cat, and it will like to have the company of its owner whenever possible, how about taking the opportunity to play with it? You can choose a multitude of toys that stimulate their intelligence, something super important to satisfy the curiosity of cats so that they do not get bored.

But playing with your kitten will not only be important for him to have fun, but it will also be essential to avoid obesity problems that can seriously attack his health. Although the Siamese cat has a fast metabolism, it is very important that he exercise to keep in perfect condition.

In conclusion, your Siamese cat will grow healthy and strong following the best food options that are presented and having an active lifestyle, without forgetting to pamper them!


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