What is the Best Antiparasitic Collar for Dogs?


It’s not easy to decide what is the best antiparasitic collar for dogs, because there are several options on the market that can make it very difficult for you to decide which one can be best for you to help your pet.

In addition, there is no really a perfect necklace, since each one has its advantages and disadvantages. In fact, there is not even a universal antiparasitic collar, since not all can serve all dogs.

It is possible that some are contraindicated for your dog or that their characteristics do not offer a effective treatment for conditions of your pet. Also, depending on the situation of your dog’s problem, you may need a more or less powerful collar.

It is for this reason that in this article we will focus on offering you all the possible help, so that you are able to decide which is the best antiparasitic collar for your dog, according to their specific needs.

What is the best antiparasitic collar for dogs?

In order to decide which is the best antiparasitic collar for dogs, you have to take into account in which zone lives your pet, if it is exposed to ticks, sandflies or fleas, among other issues.

For example, if it is the case that your dog lives in a area where leishmania infections are common, you will need a collar that is designed to repel the mosquito responsible for this disease.

If the mosquito that causes leishmania is not a problem, but ticks and fleas are, then you will have to focus on acquiring an antiparasitic collar specifically designed for repel this class of parasites.

Now, it may be the case that you want to give your dog a general protection and not so specific. In this case, you would have to buy an antiparasitic collar that is not especially effective against any kind of specific pest, but is capable of provide protection against all types of pests that exist.

Types of antiparasitic collars

We have already clarified which are the recommended criteria for choosing a necklace correct antiparasitic. Once you have decided what are the characteristics that you need your collar to have, you are ready to decide which is the best antiparasitic collar for dogs of the following types:


This type of necklace is the only one capable of offering twelve months of protection against leishmania canine, which is why it is the perfect collar when this type of condition is your greatest concern.

It is also a collar that is completely safe for the vast majority of dogs. The pets that can benefit the most from its use are those that are outdoors for a considerable time during the summer.

It is a very innovative necklace, from a technological point of view, as it is capable of release deltamethrin steadily for a whole year. It also protects the dog against fleas and ticks, but this is not their specialty, so protection of this type only has a guarantee of four months of protection against fleas and six against ticks. Therefore, it is not recommended if this is the type of parasite that is most likely to affect your dog.

Scalibor is known to be one of the best antiparasitic collars for dogs for its high protection against sandflies.


The active ingredient in this necklace is not deltamethrin, but flumethrin and imidacloprid. It is patented with Bayer technology and manages to constantly release its two active ingredients equally.

Offers protection against leishmania without certification, but is able to protect your dog from fleas and ticks for eight months certified, so it is the necklace that offers the longest protection time against this problem. Therefore, it is considered the best antiparasitic collar for dogs if fleas and ticks are your biggest concern.

It is worth mentioning that is available in various sizes and it is completely waterproof.


Taber is the perfect type of antiparasitic collar for those who want a more balanced option. His composition permethrin-based It offers a double effect: insecticide and repellent.

Offers complete and effective protection for 4 months against fleas, ticks, bed bugs, mites and mosquitoes, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness during all this time. In addition, it can be used in dogs of all ages from 2 months.

You can buy it in three different sizes.

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If, for whatever reason, your dog cannot use this type of collars made with chemicals or you prefer to opt for a more natural option To protect your pet, you can always choose one with a repellent and non-insecticidal effect. This may be the best antiparasitic collar for more sensitive dogs, such as those that easily suffer from skin reactions.

This is done with extracts and oils from plants such as lavender and neem that help keep insects and parasites away from our dog, protecting it from the different diseases they transmit.

Protection up to 4 months against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

You can also find other brands of necklaces on our website, such as Prevendog and Prevender.

If you want to expand the information and see its characteristics one by one, we recommend you take a look at our comparison table, where you will also find the characteristics of the best pipettes for dogs. In addition, we tell you why are parasites so dangerous for the health of our pet in this post, in which we analyze the diseases they transmit one by one.

And for you, what is the best antiparasitic collar for dogs that you have tried? Are you more into necklaces or pipettes? why?


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