What is the character of a chartreux like? Get to know the Carthusian cat in depth


The tranquility and sociability that define the character of this breed make them excellent companions, both for children and for the rest of the family. Meet this cat, learn how is the character of a chartreux and the reasons why these loving and endearing kittens have fallen in love with so many homes around the world.

The main feature of his personality is tranquility: flee from any conflict and adore calm. But this should not be confused with loneliness. In fact, it is not advisable to leave them alone for a long time, since they are quite dependent. If you want to know more about this breed, keep reading. It will conquer you too.

How is the character of a chartreux

Originally from Iran and Turkey, it was brought to France during the Crusades. The story goes that they were used in the monasteries of the Carthusian monks to hunt rats and prevent the spread of the bubonic plague. Therefore, they are also known as Carthusian cats.

But this nickname does not come only because of having lived with these monks, but because of their character. They are so calm that it is said of them that they made a vow of silence like these religious, who were not allowed to speak. And in fact, it is a race that hardly meows and it is usually communicated only through very discreet purrs.

And it is that peace is what a chartreux likes the most. Therefore, they are one of the best pets for a family with children. And although they are reserved with people they do not know, the bonds they create with their owners are very special. In fact, they develop a devotion to their human family much like that of dogs: don’t be surprised if they follow you around and want to sleep next to you.

The Carthusians are very homey cats, and one of his favorite hobbies is sleeping (he can do it for many hours at a time), preferably in quiet surroundings. It is very important to respect the cat’s sleep hours, as they are essential to replenish energy.

But let’s not forget that they still retain their hunter instinctSo if you have a safe outdoor space, let him go out daily to explore. Of course, after a good nap.

How to care for Carthusian cats

This breed loves to be pampered by its owners. In fact, the moment they bond with you, they won’t want to part with you. But, like all cats, the chartreux need to play, climb, scratch, or hide. So, you must make sure to provide all the necessary elements to entertain, especially if it is only inside a house.

By being distracted, they will not only exercise their mind, but their body, thus eliminating excess energy. Scratchers for cats are excellent options for sharpening nails, while for climbing, the stalls will be your great allies. At the time of rest, which as you already know is a task to which he dedicates many hours, the best are hammocks or cushions, although do not rule out choosing your bed to sleep on.

Although the chartreux cat can play only occasionally, it is a breed that needs attention at all times. In fact, if he wants to have fun, he will bring you a toy to accompany him. Therefore, it is an ideal breed for people who live alone, since it will make them a great company.

Now that you know what the character of a chartreux is like, if you are looking for a cuddly pussycat, the Carthusian cat is your breed. He will be happy sharing his time and space with all members of the family, including other pets (although he tends to get along better with dogs than with other cats).

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