What to do so that our cat does not scratch the sofa. Solutions.


What to do so that our cat does not scratch the sofa: Any feline carries in its genes the need to scratch, climb or climb wherever they are, since it is something that is in its essence and is impossible to eliminate. That our kitten scratches certain furniture in the house or other objects, may be due to several reasons that we will explain below.

Why does my cat scratch furniture at home?

The most widespread explanation and the one that usually occurs when we ask ourselves this question is quite simple: They scratch to sharpen their nails.

Although it is true that it is one of the reasons, there are many others that can lead you to do this action over and over again.

Before trying to solve this problem, it is important that we understand where it comes from and what is motivating our cat to do it.

It may happen that it is a response to a state of stress, boredom or anxiety; If we suspect that this may be one of the reasons, we should consider supplying our cat with other stimuli and toys with which to entertain at home.
There are a wide variety of interactive toys that, in addition to keeping them active, are very effective in reducing these anxiety states.

Another of the fundamental aspects to take into account is access to a scraper. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors depending on our preferences; And if our cat finds it difficult to do it, there are also products that can be applied on the scratching post to make it more attractive in the eyes of our kitten.

Cats are territorial animals, so when scratching they are also marking their territory; The more scrapers he has at his disposal located in the areas of greatest activity for him, the more we will reduce the possibility of him scratching our furniture or sofas.

Tips to avoid scratching the furniture

If our cat is already used to scratching in unwanted areas of our house such as curtains, furniture or sofas, one of the first steps to follow to redirect their behavior will be to eeliminate the smell of all those areas where it has scratched; in this case, products like Feliway can be of great help to erase any trace.

We will also find a wide variety of corner scrapers or with different shapes designed to be placed on the corners of our furniture, thus preventing the scratch from penetrating the fabric.

When our cat scratches on his scratching post or in the place that we consider correct, it is important to reward him not only verbally and congratulate him, but to offer him some type of snack.

With patience and dedication, we will get our pussycat to change its behavior.

And you, do you already know what to do so that our cat does not scratch the sofa? Do you have other different tricks? share them in the comments.


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