What tricks can you teach your Cornish rex?


The Cornish rex is very smart and funny and loves to be around people. Due to its character, it is said to be a dog enclosed in the body of a cat, and therefore it is very easy to teach it many skills. If you have ever wondered whatwhat tricks you can teach your cornish rex, you’re in luck, keep reading.

Tips for teaching tricks to your Cornish rex

If you have a cat of this breed, the first thing that you will have already verified is that they are extremely curious and smart, so it is one of the best breeds to teach tricks that can later be repeated.

  • Find the right time and placeWhen you start training your cat, choose a space where he feels comfortable, without noise or distractions. You should also do it at a time when your feline is calm.
  • Speak softlyWhen you want to teach something to an animal, you should always communicate with it in a soft tone. If you do it roughly, it will stress you out and have a harder time learning.
  • Use of treats: Prepare your favorite treat as positive reinforcement. But be careful with the quantity, since the Cornish rex can have obesity problems. Each award must be very small, the size of half a pinky nail.
  • Positive reinforcement: It is very important that he feels that you are happy when he does it well, so congratulate him and show him, calmly, but with joy.
  • Patience: patience and perseverance are the two key ingredients to teach your kitty tucos.

What tricks can you teach your Cornish rex?

There are some tricks that you can teach your kitty that are very useful, such as the one that comes when you call him, that he scratches only on his scratcher or that he does not bite you. But you can also teach them common tricks among dogs, such as giving the paw.

How to teach your cat not to scratch furniture

Perhaps this is one of the most useful tricks, since the instinct to scratch of cats is incorrigible. What we can correct is where it scratches.

Start playing with your cat near the scratching post and, when he scratches it, give him a treat as a treat. This way, you will see that it is a positive thing.

What if it scratches a piece of furniture? Move him away from the furniture and encourage him to go to his scratching post, when he scratches there, reinforce his behavior with a reward. This will take time, but your home will thank you!

How to teach your cat to be caught

This trick will be very useful when you go to the vet. If your cat resists when you take it, the worst thing you can do is put it down again, since it will learn that if it resists, it will get what it wants.

Stand firm and hold it gently so it calms down. Praise him and talk to him so that he does not want to run away and, when he stays, give him a reward.

How to teach your cat to paw

This trick is less helpful, but it’s fun and helps you bond with your cat. When your cat sits down, give him a command, for example “paw”, and take his paw, hold it for a few seconds in your hand and give him a treat.

Repeat this action many times until he can do it on his own. It may take several days, so be patient.

Now that you know what tricks you can teach your Cornish rex, you can make your coexistence much more pleasant and fun. Remember to teach him the tricks one at a time and be consistent. In fact, when you have assimilated the first one, the others will be easier for you.


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