Why do cats need to climb high places?


If you have a cat as a pet, surely you always see it perched on the heights of your house. Have you ever wondered why cats need to climb high places? There is no single scientific reason, only they know that!

exist various theories that help us understand more about these incredible animals with sinuous movements. Here are some of the reasons why your cat likes heights:

  • A perfect place to observe. Cats are very curious and like to have everything “” controlled “”. By climbing to a high place they have the possibility to see more easily what is happening around them. At Tíanimal we have a wide catalog of scrapers that include raised platforms with which they will be entertained and, at the same time, will serve to satisfy their instincts. A place where you can observe their territory and rest in privacy when they need it.
  • A guarantee of being the dominant. If there are several cats at home, surely one of them will want to climb to the highest place to feel that it is the one that dominates the situation. In this way you will feel the owner of all. When living in the wild, cats climb trees to observe the movements of their prey and hunt it. From above, they unleash their hunting instinct by observing their prey and protecting themselves from enemies.
  • A warmer place. In winter, cats snuggle up to the top, as this is where the heat given off by heating the house tends to be concentrated.
  • A safe site. Faced with a danger or threat that they may feel, such as the presence of a dog, cats climb to a high place to feel safer. From above, they have a longer reaction time against possible dangers.
  • A deeper rest. Cats are animals that are always alert, so when resting, they choose a high place where they can get a deep sleep. Throughout the day they sleep many hours, about 16 a day! And it is at night when they are most active. Therefore, a place in the house that is in the heights, away from noise and movement of people, it will be the ideal place to not be disturbed during your rest.

Cats choose high areas of the house unimaginable for us. But there they are comfortable and safe, and they acquire strange postures that for them are pleasant. It is important letting them climb to the heights of their choice, as long as it is not dangerous for them. And offer them toys and accessories to meet this need. By climbing to the heights and jumping from one side to the other they stay agile and at a good body weight.

Cats on the rooftops

The cats they are curious in nature and they love to discover the world and observe everything that is in their environment. Be on the lookout and watch your prey before hunting them down. Many felines walk around the rooftops so calm, without apparent risks, nimbly controlling every movement of their body. But if you are afraid that he will go up to the roofs because it may fall or because it leaves and does not return, or if your cat cannot climb down the street because he is older, shy or has health problems, you should condition your house so you don’t feel confined and don’t get bored.

What products to choose for your pet? Life looks different from above, and cats know that. So a good idea are the large scrapers They include several floors and, on the top floor, a soft bed to rest. Also accessories that allow them to climb, sharpen their nails and jump from one place to another. At TANNIMAL we think about the needs of these animals and we propose a variety of products for them.

And do not worry about your cat when it is in a very high place, trust its agility and dexterity. Curiously, cats fall best from great heights, since this way you have more time to react and cushion the impact of the fall. Their legs are elastic and, according to scientists, they are prepared to survive falls, as they still retain adaptations that allowed cats, which used to live in trees, to fall from them and survive. This does not mean that you neglect your pet, we just want to tell you not to worry too much if you see it uploaded to a site that you would not upload.

What is your pet’s favorite corner? In which high places do you usually hang out? What place do you choose to sleep soundly?


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