Why does my cat lick me?

Cats are known for their independent nature, with a character usually very different from that of the dog. But, this does not mean that many are affectionate, even as much or more than dogs! The cats they can show us their affection in many ways: lying next to us, pacing our legs, scrubbing or … sucking us. If you have ever wondered “why does my cat lick me” you are in the right place to find out.

When you live with a cat you discover how incredible they are as pets.

Don’t be surprised if she only comes to you when she wants something: food, attention, or, almost miraculously, a dose of pampering. Perhaps this is why, every little show of affection they show us, we value and receive with much more enthusiasm.

Why do cats lick?

Surely more than once you have wondered why, suddenly, your cat goes crazy licking you… as if I really love you! These outbursts of tenderness and affection have a reason, but it is not always the same. Cats communicate continuously with us but they do not do so in our own language. That’s why it’s important know their body language to learn to interpret their behavior, understand them and communicate with them.

Why does your cat lick you?

We have been analyzing the different situations in which a cat licks and we can tell you about the various possible causes of this behavior. A behavior that sometimes we do not understand but that comforts us and, without a doubt, strengthens the bond with our feline. Usually it is a positive social behavior, but we tell you the possible options to help you better understand your cat.

My cat licks me as a sign of affection

Cats do not share our same language and to interact with them, understand them and enjoy their company it is necessary to learn it. Yes, as you probably thought most of the time, your cat licks you to express its affection. It is his way of showing that he loves you and that he feels happy with you. Like when they lick each other or their kittens, it is a way of telling you that you are their family.

My cat licks me to socialize

Yes, as simple as socializing. Licking is one of the ways cats have to relate to people and other animals. In this way they show their interest in you and convey confidence and security. Surely you have seen how cats lick each other as an affection and, other times, as an aid to clean the areas that they do not reach themselves.

My cat licks me for protection

Cats lick their young to protect them. By cleaning them with your tongue they not only take care of their hygiene, they also eliminate bacteria that may be in your body. Your cat may lick you for this same reason, to clean you and protect you from viruses. This clearly translates to their desire to have you close and healthy.

My cat licks me when he is playing

Licking and biting is a game for cats. As long as he bites you gently, you don’t have to worry or scold him, as this is his way of having fun and he is not doing it with the intention of hurting you.

If your cat licks you and then bites you hard and you notice that his fur is curling, it is a sign that he is not comfortable or is behaving in an aggressive way. Be patient if this happens the first few months of having him at home and teach him not to act like that.

My cat licks me to clean me

Licking is grooming behavior. Just as they lick themselves to wash, remove dirt and remove dead hair, they lick other cats and their humans. But don’t think they do this with just anyone, they need to have a strong bond to do it.

My cat licks me because he is stressed

Licking is not always related to something good or to signs of affection. When cats are nervous or anxious, they have the urge to lick. It can be himself, a rug, a piece of furniture, a toy, or you.

This licking can be somewhat compulsive; don’t be scared, it’s normal. Try to find out what makes you feel this way and try to avoid it. It can be related to an annoying sound, changes in the house, in your daily routine or the visit of a person or another animal. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid it, but surely you can take some measures to reduce the impact it has on your cat.

Cats lick too to mark their territory and to exchange smells. Surely your cat has licked your fingers many times after you’ve been cooking, right ?; They also usually do this if you have been touching aromatic plants that are attractive to them.

Now you know the answers to “why does my cat lick me”. When does yours lick you? Have you discovered why he does it at all times?

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