Why women find men with cats less attractive


Men who have cats are less attractive to women. A recent study on dating apps has revealed that it is women are less likely to connect with a man who has a photograph with a cat.

According The study, conducted by scientists at Colorado State University, men who have cat pictures in their dating app profile pictures are perceived as “less masculine”, “more neurotic” and “less attractive”.

More of 1,380 women between the ages of 18 and 24 were surveyed for the study. They were shown two photographs of the same man in his twenties. In both images, the man had the dark hair, he wore a blue shirt and was on a white background. The difference was that in one photo, he was posing with a cat, and in the other, no.

The women were then asked to rate the two men on various attributes, including perceived personality, masculinity, and whether they would consider dating the person for a short-term or long-term relationship. The general perception of the man posing with the cat was more negative. However, holding a cat also made the man appear more confident and outgoing compared to when seen alone.

Researchers point out that women’s perceptions are largely influenced by current culture. “ANDIt is important to note that these findings were influenced by whether the woman identified herself as a cat or dog person. Furthermore, American culture marks “cat men” as less masculine, perhaps creating a preference for “dog men” among the majority of heterosexual women in the age group studied, “the report highlights.


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